Hello world!

Welcome to the doorway community blog…

The history behind the conception of this blog is that I have recently begun to understand the potential behind social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Blogs and Tweets are proving to be a powerful means of getting personal stories out into the public domain.

Doorway supports over 270 individuals (‘guests’) a year in the open access drop-in sessions. Every single one of those individuals has a life, a history and a reason for needing our service.

Doorway is hoping to provide an opportunity for our guests to document their everyday lives by giving them a voice.

I hope that you (the reader) are educated, inspired and motivated by the posts.

Lisa – Project Manager @ doorway


About Lisa @ doorway

Lisa Lewis, Chief Executive of Doorway.
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3 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Oz says:

    Community blog, what a great idea. Thanks for the opportunity to get our stories out and liase with others who are striving for positve social change.

    A pity that both Facebook and Twitter are blocked by local libraries and eChippenham.

    Oz – Sixty something part/full-time rough sleeper and sofa-surfer.

    ps Thankyou to everybody at Doorway Project for their support over the past year and a quarter.

  2. calneeagle says:

    Hello, Oz, and welcome. And thanks re your kind comment.

  3. doorway says:

    Welcome to the blog Oz.
    Looking forward to reading your future posts!

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