Guests’ Hopes & Wishes

In December 2007, Doorway was invited to decorate a tree at the Chippenham Methodist Circle’s Festival of Christmas Trees.

We decided that we could portray a very strong message to the local community by writing guest comments on the decorations.

Doorway therefore asked guests to dictate their hopes and wishes for the coming year.

One of our volunteers stated “Iwent to see the tree too and even tho I knew most of the comments, cause I got them first hand, I was a blubbering mess and this poor woman from the Methodist Church was comforting me and cause she was being so nice it made it worse! Im proud to have played a part in it

The following is a list of the hopes and wishes expressed by the Doorway guests:-

A wish for a little more freedom and the right for privacy
My wish will be keep going forward 08
Peace, love and happiness
Everyone to have more luck
I wish for a new home
Secure core funding for a minimum of 3yrs for ‘Doorway’
Wish all the poor children worldwide will have a good xmas
Keep homeless people safe at Christmas
Phone call from Mum
Health and happiness
Leighton Orient to get promoted
Keep going with the 07 British Heart Foundation
To meet Roger Daltrey & Pete Townsend (The Who) and to donate my cash to the Teenage Cancer Trust (Roger Daltrey’s charity)
I hope this year I meet the one and fall in love
I would like ‘Nobby’ the dog back! (he was a tan coloured yorkie)
A bed to sleep in and a roof over my head
I want to get back on my art class
Dad, I love you
I want people to stop nicking my stuff
A roof over my head
I want people to stop hating us
I would love to be clean
I want a place of my own & a car
Everyone to be normal
For my family to come and see me
I want my dog ‘Nobby’ back
A good pair of boots that don’t leak
To be able to send my beautiful, intelligent daughter to sixth form
A clean environment
I wish for a bed to sleep on
I hope to get my volantree work sorted
I would like suffering to be eliminated to both animals and humans
I want somewhere to live
I wish that people would help the needie more
I would like a decent night sleep
Some tobbaco!
I would love to be clean! Off alcohol
Equality throughout the world. That would be nice
A narrow boat!
I want to be able to plan properly for the future
Hope 4 a better world
A nice car!
For my family to come and see me
I don’t want to be discriminated against
I wish that everyone’s kids stay safe and happy!
I wish that God gives us the strength to continue to serve our guests at Doorway!
Direct access hostel for homeless people in N.Wilts
I want people to stop hating us. I’ve seen the way they look at us.
My wish: that ‘Doorway’ will get some funding & more volunteers
I wish I had somewhere I could cook my own food
Somewhere safe to sleep
End of world poverty
Insight and clarity
I wish that God gives us all the strength to continue
A flat, nowhere near an off licence
Night shelter for people sleeping rough & passing through
I wish people would stop abusing us
I wish to have my children back from Social Services
I want people to stop hating us
I want to see my daughter and my adopted son
I wish you peace and joy
That my Dad will get better x
I wish for the end of world poverty!
I wish 4 my Dad to be pain free
I want to be off drugs
Dad, I love you, you were a good father. You are in my thoughts
I wish it would SNOW, loads & loads, lots & lots
I wish for somewhere to call my ‘Home’
I wish I could leave my stuff and it will still be there when I get back
Hopes & Wishes: How about an end to: GREED, PREJUDICE, BIGOTRY & PERSECUTION. Too much to ask for? Maybe- but you know it makes sense


About Lisa @ doorway

Lisa Lewis, Chief Executive of Doorway.
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2 Responses to Guests’ Hopes & Wishes

  1. Blue Spice says:

    “Phone call from Mum” – that one is the one that set me off.

  2. calneeagle says:

    A sadly recurrent theme of being hated, discriminated against, looked down upon, abused. Of course, for some, if not many, of our guests, being abused has been a lifelong experience.

    I agree with you, BS, about the ‘Mum’ comment. Also notable that even though they themselves are struggling, many are, in their messages, still thinking of helping others.

    Oh, and for info, I’m afraid that guest didn’t get their wish for Leyton Orient to get promoted…..

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