Why become a volunteer?

I was aware of Doorway a couple of years ago, but not exactly what they did and I was unable to get involved due to work commitments.  Well, a few months ago I found myself without a job and decided that now was the time to get more involved whilst I looked for other employment.  I filled in the application forms, sent them off and after a while and an interview was accepted as a volunteer.

Well what do I do?  Anything from welcoming the guests, making them cups of tea and coffee, playing table tennis, chess, draughts, doing crosswords, talking to them or just listening. Over the weeks I have got to know some of them quite well and we always manage to have a laugh and a joke despite their problems.

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to one of the guests and asked him how his week had been. He said that he had been feeling a bit down as he had some ongoing problems at home but didn’t wish to go into details at that time.

I commented to him that he always seemed so happy during the sessions.

He agreed saying, ‘but this is a happy place.’

That’s why I’m a volunteer.

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