the intro

So, this is blogging. My first time, you see, and I don’t want to come across as a complete novice, so I might have to blag as I blog. Not that I’m conversant with blagging either, to be honest. Anyway, that’s all beside the point because what I want to highlight (or foreground) is one of the really interesting things going on at Doorway currently. This is our own, our very own, creative writing sessions. I’ve seen them described as informal (no tie required) but I can assure you they are even less formal than that–sometimes completely formless, in fact. Despite this I would like to give you an idea of what can happen when we are in session.

Surprisingly, we don’t do much writing, but this depends how creative we feel. Sometimes we bring writing we’ve done during the week and share (or not–there’s no pressure). We might talk about things; sometimes they are writing related and sometimes they are not. We might share an experience that has made us want to write (as well as shout, scream, cry, exclaim, say a prayer, laugh, take up juggling etc). Bringing in a piece of prose or a poem that someone else has written is useful too, (as long as it’s not passed off as your own); we all have different tastes and knowledge and it’s a good way of finding out voices we haven’t heard before.  I have been known to set writing tasks ( aka homework) and occasionally I get something back, but not always (I forget to do it too!). 

Good things often happen. Song lyrics, prose and poems have had a chance to be said aloud. Support and encouragement is given. Listening has improved (although I’m still a bit deaf). Confidence on all sides has grown. Recently some of the sessions have been held in the main hall rather than a quiet room and this encouraged other guests to come over and join in. This feels as if we have come out of the shadows in a very real way. Below is a collective poem we composed last Thursday afternoon. This was done by taking it in turns to write a line or two on a piece of paper, but with the previous lines folded over so there was no clue as to what had been written. It turned out well, considering it was a first attempt and some of the guests eating as they wrote. 

Where has the afternoon gone, where is it going?

Exceeding all expectations

the day will come when we all realise

that love is the answer,

“So who will that be?” says Chris.


(my mind goes numb when I’m asked to think!)

So long as men have eyes and eyes can see,

So long lives this and this gives life to thee.

(with grateful thanks to WS for inspiration)

In the future we hope to collect some of our work together and make an anthology. We would like to include art-work and photographs as well as writing of all sorts and involve as many of the guests, volunteers and staff as possible. So if you feel inspired to take out your quill, or i-pad or little Ikea pencil we’d we pleased to hear from you.

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