Quote from a Doorway Volunteer

“My name is Sue and I’m one of the original volunteers at Doorway. When I joined it was called the Homelessness Project and all we could offer was food, clothing, some sign posting and a safe, confidential place where no-one was judged and everyone could just ‘be’.

Things have changed a lot since that January in 2004. We have developed what we can offer, strong community links have been forged, respect and recognition of what we try to do have grown in the town, we consult others but now we are consulted too so that we can offer a better and better service to our guests.

Being a volunteer at Doorway is a great joy and privilege especially when guests begin to change their lives for the better because of something said or learned or shared at the drop-in. To see confidence and self belief slowly grow, to see courage to make changes of life style even when that decision comes at the cost of breaking away from familiar faces and places, to see heads held high and faces determined – these are the things that make being a volunteer at Doorway, through the good times and the tough times, a hugely rewarding experience. Long may the very necessary work of Doorway continue…”


About Lisa @ doorway

Lisa Lewis, Chief Executive of Doorway.
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One Response to Quote from a Doorway Volunteer

  1. calneeagle says:

    All I can possibly add to that, Sue, is ‘hear hear’.

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