Dreams Can Come True

After the success of the 2007 display, we once again decorated a tree at the Chippenham Methodist Circle’s Festival of Christmas Trees.

Doorway’s theme, in 2008, was a continuation of the last year’s “Hopes and Wishes”. We wanted to celebrate the positive changes that have happened to our guests over the year and therefore our theme was “Dreams Can Come True”

The following is a list of the positive statements made by our guests (the originals were identified by the guests’ initials – these have been removed to protect their confidentiality in this more public forum):-

I have a new baby and a home
I now have contact with my dad
I am no longer sleeping rough
I am expecting a baby in the New Year
I am working on staying dry
My son has come back to live with me
I am more confident with my music and singing
I am more assertive and can say ‘no’
I was given a new cooker for my flat
I see more of my children
I’m back with my partner
I have a new flat and more contact with my children
I haven’t been arrested for a while
I have moved into a new flat
I went on holiday with the church
I got out from an abusive relationship
I moved into a new flat with my daughter
I have been on a retreat and now feel better about myself
I am now in a new relationship
I have a flat and a job
I drew quick sketches and raised money for Doorway
I am more in touch with my sexuality
We have got a caravan
I now have somewhere to cook
I got a mental health assessment
I got a job
My cancer has been in remission for a year
I was off the glue for 8 months
I opened a bank account
My daughter comes to stay with me now
I have re-established my relationship with my mother
After sleeping rough for years I now live with my girlfriend


About Lisa @ doorway

Lisa Lewis, Chief Executive of Doorway.
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