J’s Song Lyrics – Another Room

(jml10 retains the copyright for these lyrics)

Verse 1:

You turn around, touch the ground when

You’ve nowhere to go

Fingers curled like chestnut buds

In January snow.

Roses bloom among the thorns

That’s what the people say

The only voices that you hear

Are whispering today.


I’m not asking for

Asking for the moon

Shaping up for that supersonic boom

Checking out another room

Kicking out on a broken drum

Whistling for a tune.

Verse 2:

There’s a place in town

But when the crowds surround

It’s hard to make a way

Through self-hate and confusion

It’s an ordinary day

The day ends and night descends

With a serpent’s kiss

And God hears those prayers and

Promises and answers for all this

Repeat chorus

Instrumental over verse


I’m tired of living seeing life on the outside

Spending night after lonely night on the dockside

There’s a number on every door

Count the numbers, keep the score

Until the bell rings out once more…

In another room

Repeat chorus and finish.

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