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I’m blogging early, whilst I have the chance. I am a night owl and usually do this sort of thing after hours but I am chin deep in an Open University essay (my final essay) and that’s taking up a lot of my night time. I can’t help it, I just work better when it’s dark. I think there are less distractions and it’s usually quiet. I’ve never been a great sleeper but have found I need more than I use to so I will have to catch up sometime. I shall be glad when the essay’s finished as it’s, to put it politely, doing my ******* head in, although I have had an epiphany of sorts and that has helped me to get my ideas better focused. Part of the process is actually the essay writing, so although I have to make it a good one from an information stand point it also has to be good as an essay. If I’ve prattled on about this before please feel free to miss out this bit (note: the best and relevant bits will be at the end).

 Today’s writing session was a shorter one as the musicians wanted extra jam/practice time. J and C are working on a song and it’s at that just coming together stage—like chefs working out which ingredients will work best in their recipe. J spent some of the writing time working on the tune and finding out he’ll need to write some extra lyrics. I liked the way he warmed up—strumming extempore and then segueing into “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” before finally finding the notes he needed. Before writing I sometimes do a stream of consciousness exercise wherein I write for twenty minutes just whatever comes into my head. Sometimes I meditate or turn a tarot card to get a feel for what’s about in the cosmos, but most often I do nothing so I was interested to see what J does when on the lookout for inspiration.

 D was there too and I was, I must admit, more confused than usual, because he’s always saying he doesn’t write and is not sure what ‘creative writing’ is but then he tells me today that he writes songs and poems!! J said he’s heard some of them so they do exist. What a discovery! I hope he might bring some in or I’ll get to hear them performed by the Doorway band. Anyway D wanted to write something and he’s given me permission to copy it out on the blog.

 J told me about an open mike session that’s being held locally and that he is planning to go along to and take part. He’s a great enthusiast for this sort of performance platform and came up with the suggestion that Doorway could arrange an open mike evening (perhaps in conjunction with one of our partners). He thinks it would be a positive experience, especially for homeless/vulnerable people to have somewhere to showcase their talents and support one another. I refrained from saying what about a poetry slam, but it could be ideal for such a venue.  I was invited to take part in a slam earlier this year and thought I might for about two minutes but in the end I didn’t, which is a shame. It would have been good fun as well as an experience. Anyway here’s some of our work.

D’s Letter

Dear Doorway

Thank you

for all that you do for us

as I live my life on the outside

 and just cuss.

 I am a nice person, of course,

 no pain;

the pain people feel is from their brain,

but if I am attacked

then something will be realized

about me.

 All I am looking for is a nice time

and a family atmosphere

and I receive that here

who ever you are

ha, ha, ha

Love from D

To you all.


 The Hot Days of Summer

(by T)

In the valley shone the sun;

Hot as the valley was flowers grew.

The birds flew and sung

and ate the seeds.

Bees in swarms buzzed around

or flew individually;

collected pollen.

 Blue skies and sunny weather

in the hot valley.

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