World Homeless Day 10.10.10 & The Doorway Sky Dive

On the 10th of the 10th 2010 millions of people around the world marked World Homeless Day in many varied ways and changed the lives of homeless people in their local community.

The purpose of World Homeless Day was to draw attention to homeless people’s needs locally and provide opportunities for the community to get involved in responding to homelessness, while taking advantage of the stage an ‘international day’ provides.

Doorway organised a sky dive !!!

Kev Long, Doorway’s Support Worker and a member of the public, Amesha Poyster, jumped out of an airplane to increase awareness for the homeless and to raise much needed funding for the Doorway drop-in sessions.

Kevin & Amesha

Kev Long said “I’m really excited about doing this jump. I love the work we do at Doorway and the more support we can get the better. Our drop-in centre is a much needed resource for our guests in the local community.”

Kev jumping

Kev jumping

Kev landing

Kev landed

Before the event, Amesha Poyster said “I am so looking forward to taking my jump for such a great cause. In a way it mimics the cause, standing high, taking a mighty fall and then picking myself back up.”

Amesha coming down

Amesha coming down

Amesha coming down

Amesha landed

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3 Responses to World Homeless Day 10.10.10 & The Doorway Sky Dive

  1. Abe says:

    So, how did it work out in terms of raising awareness and funds? We’re always looking for new ways to increase awareness across the pond here in London, Ontario, so I’m curious as to what works well.

    • calneeagle says:

      Hi, Abe. Glad I check ‘spam’ before deleting it, as I would hate to have deleted yours! Don’t know why WordPress labelled your post as such.
      Too early to give a definitive answer re increased awareness or re funds. We’ll try to remember to get back to you.
      BTW, I think your blog is excellent, and I’ve stored a whole load of ‘homeless and health’ links from one of your posts.

    • calneeagle says:

      And in extended answer – our local profile was already probably as high as possible anyway, but this event definitely increased our national and international profile, and that of homelessness and WHD. For example, Beat On the Streets featured it on their Facebook World Homeless Day page. It’s definitely been far more effective in raising awareness than raising funds, though if any millionaires reading this care to send some money……. 😉

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