Electric Doorway’s CD Launch Gig

Electric Doorway is the band created through music sessions on Monday mornings at Doorway. We are very proud to announce that they will be launching their first CD with a gig at the Cause, the Causeway, Chippenham on Saturday 29th January, starting at 7pm. The band combines blues guitar with rock drumming and a very unique singing voice! They are full of energy and a large majority of their songs are based on their experiences of being homeless and vulnerably housed. They will be supported by an eclectic mix of local bands of friends and fans, including Poco Cora and Rhythm Instinct, Odd Socks and The Tin Cards.

The gig is being staged as part of Doorway’s participation in Poverty and Homelessness Action Week 2011: ‘Who Counts?’ ( the other part is the Homelessness Sunday Service at St Andrew’s Church.

It should be a great evening. Tickets are £5 or £3 concessions on the door please come and support us!!

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2 Responses to Electric Doorway’s CD Launch Gig

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