Clare’s Story

We three cooks were busy preparing lunch for the usual Thursday drop-in session when we were advised of a surprise visit.

How delightful it was to find that it was Clare, a former guest, together with her son Sam! We made coffee, and Sam cheerfully accepted a biscuit.

Clare was anxious to give us an update on how her life had moved on since we had welcomed her as a regular guest when, having been forced to leave home as a consequence of her unacceptable lifestyle, she had lived rough on the streets of Chippenham… though from her impeccable appearance, one would never have guessed it!

Initially, Clare’s pregnancy was something she had to deal with alone, with Doorway‘s support, as she did not envisage a satisfactory future with her baby’s father.

She was given accommodation, and Doorway staff and volunteers sourced furnishings and baby essentials.

A reconciliation with her Mum enhanced the latter stages of the pregnancy, and she was consequently in good spirits and in good health by the time of the birth.

Sam was born and proud Clare proved to be a natural at mothering him from the start.

Two years on, Clare is in a confident relationship with an older man, has a set of the “right sort of friends” and is studying to be a Beauty Therapist at the local college. Sam is minded at nursery and by his Gran, and is a bright, happy and communicative 2 year old. Clare and her Mum are now the closest of friends… “more like sisters” says Clare.

We celebrate another ‘positive outcome’ for Doorway as we watch the evolution of a brighter future for Clare and her son.

Jackie, Doorway Volunteer / Cook

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