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Doorway Writing Group Blog

George Orwell / Kurt Jackson / Alfred Wallis

This small, yes,

but perfectly formed group

continues to work,

sometimes in private

sometimes in public

at its poetry, its prose, its lyrics;

its sometimes lyrical poetry,

or lyrical prose, prose-poetry

and/or no-go prose.

Scatter-gun and


Shatter-sun and

Sally Army Hall.

We congregate

we talk

we write

we’re silent

we investigate

(in a gentle way)

what lies deeper

what’s high above

what thud thuds by

what brittles our skin

—in or out of—

laughing aloud’s

allowed always,

nothing, too-


captured in the moment before

creation breaks through.


Recent work


Where does he live?

In your heart

and in your soul

The heart is his kindness

The soul his strength

Easter comes and goes

but will always return

The egg of life

new born life for ever

He died for you and me

God Praise His Son.



G. Orwell

Used to be in the police

in Burma.

Witnessed a summary

execution and quit

his job in disgust.


‘Down and Out in

London and Paris’

chronicling his

experiences of being

down and out.


‘The Road to Wigan Pier’

which concerned the

dreadful poverty

of the Northern poor.

Most famous, however,

‘Animal Farm’- satirises

the hopeless hypocrisy

of the Communist system.

He suffered long

with tuberculosis

and died thereof

in 1984.

No, sorry

in 1946.



The Magic Little Shoebox

And in this are all sorts of bits and pieces,

where I found certain pieces

that are interesting to me.

A little plastic duck reminds me

of new born life;

a child playing in the bath –

reminder of the child in me.

A golden ribbon that reminds me

of  a girl and all girls

because it is pretty.

A starfish, a stone

a shell and a cone

reflecting the greatness

and strength of our Lord –

the creator of creation.

A small spoon with a marble stone

at the end of it –

it’s very old and authentic.

Certain people will collect

this kind of thing,

though it’s not worth a lot.

A very attractive fan –

I use to collect them

because when you open them…

This pretty particular one

reminds me of Vanessa.

And postcards –

a painting by Kurt Jackson

of the ocean,

the waves crashing against the shore.

And one by Alfred Wallis –

leaning houses next to a shore

with a background of boats.

But this is the most beautiful –

The Virgin and child

with St Catherine

and a shepherd.

And here’s a small hand-made Christmas card-

someone has put a lot of

time, thought and love into this.



empty mouth

not sure what to say

not sure what I want to say-

is that it?

always at a loss for words

(remember the poet

bedevilled by them-


words for all occasions

but not for my empty mouth

the speechlessness

of not being sure

what to say or

what I want to say

always at a loss

bedevilled by words

bedevilled by love.


An In and Out of Love Song

We were special people

feeling perfect love,

protected by each other

like a hand inside a glove.

Believing came so easy

when our love was flowing free,

now there’s a wall of darkness

where sunshine used to be.

Loneliness surrounds me

I hear it call my name.

Please don’t play those sad songs

they’ll make me cry again.


A Doorway Limerick

Doorway is my favourite drop-in

at twelve-thirty I usually pop in.

I talk to the staff

hang around for a laugh

and I don’t have to do any shopping!


How to Haiku

one line of five beats

followed by one of seven

then another five

April cold and wet

making us wonder whether

May may be better.

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