24-7 Staffing & Doorway Working in Partnership

The following is a press release published by 24-7 Staffing featuring one of Doorway’s guests. Simon has given his full consent for this to be published.

Simon can be seen being interviewed in May 2013 on our YouTube channel at a time when life really wasn’t going very well for him…

Doorway Project – Simon Milsom Success!

Imagine finding yourself homeless, jobless and without your partner all in one day…

That is exactly what happened to 50 year-old Simon Milsom in January this year. After struggling to make ends meet running a local pub for three years, Simon and his partner decided to call it a day. Just at that point, a breakdown in his personal relationship meant that he found himself homeless as well. He was quickly running out of money and options with little to no support from people around him. Simon said: ‘Your confidence goes from normal to zero and even walking down the high street is too much because you’re too embarrassed to speak to people.’

After being pushed around the system for a while Simon finally found solace with local charity Doorway and could at long last begin to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. 24-7 Staffing have been working with Doorway to help passionate people back into the workplace and they approached us with Simon’s story.

Trying to get a job when you find yourself in Simon’s situation through no fault of your own is not easy in today’s competitive job market and he was desperate for someone to give him a chance. Our consultants took the time to get to know Simon, quickly finding suitable work for him to start earning money and he is now working every day of the week. 24-7 Staffing branch manager Lisa Waters said: ‘The system is so frustrating and in some ways makes it difficult for people to break free from signing-on because they have to do it in advance and that sometimes puts them off accepting work. But Simon is a real diamond and was prepared to do anything to prove his commitment and get back on the ladder.’

Simon has worked for a handful of clients now and hopes to get his forklift qualification as well as his SIA badge for security work to widen his opportunities. Simon concluded: ‘I’ve had more help from the private sector and charities than any public organisation. Thanks to the guys at Doorway and 24-7 Staffing my future is looking bright once again and for that I can’t thank them enough.’

We’ve been so impressed with Simon’s work ethic, making him truly deserving of our latest Star Candidate award. Well done Simon – enjoy the meal out on us!

Simon Doorway Photo

If you’re looking to take on a hard-working hands-on employee, guaranteed to offer 100% commitment to your organisation, then Simon Milsom is your man. Give us a call on Chippenham 01249 447247 or email lisa@24-7staffing.co.uk.


About Lisa @ doorway

Lisa Lewis, Chief Executive of Doorway.
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