Tis the season of goodwill…

The following is an account written by one of our Support Workers:-

J has been resident at Unity House since June this year. He is on platinum banding for housing, has done all the courses asked of him and is keen to get his own place.

He has just secured his own flat, signed the paperwork although he hasn’t viewed it yet, and he has 2 friends who already live in the same block.

Since securing his own tenancy he has been presented with a bill by a member of staff for an outstanding £69 for service charge arrears.

JR was unaware of his debt, which had apparently been racked up during his stay in hospital, due to complications from an earlier operation.

He was told that if he did not settle his account, Unity would not support his move, and he would have to go into one of their moving on flats.

This all took place in a public area of Unity House in front of other residents and he felt totally humiliated.

So with a week to go to Christmas, J now has to find an additional £69, as well as money for presents for his son.



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Lisa Lewis, Chief Executive of Doorway.
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