A “Green” Bag-Packer (The Reward)

WOW: I am truly honoured to have been invited to Sainsbury’s this morning for the Cheque Presentation for Sainsbury’s Chippenham Charity of the Year 2014-2015.  Doorway was presented by Sainsbury’s a Cheque for an AMAZING (I hope you are sitting down) £8510.91.

I would like to Thank Michelle,Darren,Rory,Katie,Jacqui and Di (thanks for the delicious piece of cake) for hosting us this morning. Special Thanks to all the Staff and Customers who did an awesome job helping raise the FANTASTIC amount. Good luck to the next Charity to be chosen, you will be in fantastic hands.

Feel really proud to have given my time over the past 12 months to help raise the money, although my part was very small. Thanks again to Lisa and team Doorway for allowing me to take part, I really had a brilliant time.

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One Response to A “Green” Bag-Packer (The Reward)

  1. Michelle says:

    It was a real pleasure to meet you this morning and to hear all about your bag packing experiences. Thankyou so much for coming along.

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