A Poem by a Stranger



Don’t remember me as you last saw me.

I was feeling down, rough; useful life past

and the present cold, hard, edgy. You see


you gave me food, clean clothes, the will to last

another dark, deep night. A tense, sorry sight,

drink, drugs a desperate high to move it fast.


Dawn arrives, feeling crap get in a fight.

Hit, kicked, shit upon then struggle down to

find a friend. Help at hand providing light


at the end of my tunnel… What would I do

if you weren’t there to run to? Help me

please – listen with compassion. Thank you.

Anonymous October 2016


About Lisa @ doorway

Lisa Lewis, Chief Executive of Doorway.
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One Response to A Poem by a Stranger

  1. deweverdream says:

    A powerful poem – thank you so much for posting!

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