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Doorway Writing Group February 2017

Writing Group February 2017 We had another great writing group session this time. This month’s crossword worked well: guests on all tables contributed by answering clues; R and friend were still, in fact, beavering away to complete it as I … Continue reading

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Doorway Writing Group January 2017

Happy New Year and happy writing/reading! A lovely session! Not a cross word was exchanged although the exchanging of crossword clues did play a major role; sorry for the feeble pun – I’ll blame it on an overdose of cracker … Continue reading

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Doorway writing group December 2016

Writing group December 2016 We had another great session. We discussed poems: the importance of rhyme and meter as a driving force; the pros and cons of a freer form of poetry. We talked about short stories, stories in instalments, … Continue reading

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Doorway Writing Group November 2016

Another session of our Doorway writing group and lovely it was too! We had some great conversations about language and writing including the (relative) importance of grammar/rules, and the (absolute) importance of using the written word to help you express … Continue reading

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Writing group October 2016

National Poetry Day – 6th October: the perfect day to restart our Doorway writing group! We had a quiet but sincere and productive session. Using a few visual prompts, we discussed and doodled a few random poem ideas. J worked … Continue reading

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