Guest Profiles

Our guests are our most important asset. We don’t call them ‘clients’ or ‘service users’ since we feel that using such terminology is disrespectful to those who come through our door.

We believe that it is pure chance whether you find yourself in our drop-in session as a member of staff, a volunteer or someone who needs our service.

We believe that everyone who engages with us becomes a part of the Doorway community. We provide a safe environment in which the most isolated or marginalised individual can become part of a ‘family’.

Everyone has a story to tell. We are able to throw out the judgemental stereotypical assumptions of who needs to access the service of a homeless charity.

This section of our blog is dedicated to some of the profiles of our guests and their personal stories. Written in their own words and unedited and uncensored by the staff.

Some of the names have been changed to protect their identity.








The women talk about adoption