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Richard’s Story

You often hear of people falling from great heights; having everything and losing it all. But you really don’t think it will ever happen to you. It sounds like a cliché, but there you go! My fall from grace started … Continue reading

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The Reality of the Welfare Reform – article published in the Gazette & Herald newspaper – Feb 2013

On the 21st February 2013 my first monthly article was published in the Opinion column of the Gazette and Herald newspaper. It is incredibly pertinent that this is the very same article that I read at our recent screening of … Continue reading

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Doorway Writing Group February 2017

Writing Group February 2017 We had another great writing group session this time. This month’s crossword worked well: guests on all tables contributed by answering clues; R and friend were still, in fact, beavering away to complete it as I … Continue reading

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Doorway writing group December 2016

Writing group December 2016 We had another great session. We discussed poems: the importance of rhyme and meter as a driving force; the pros and cons of a freer form of poetry. We talked about short stories, stories in instalments, … Continue reading

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A Poem by a Stranger

  Doorway Don’t remember me as you last saw me. I was feeling down, rough; useful life past and the present cold, hard, edgy. You see   you gave me food, clean clothes, the will to last another dark, deep … Continue reading

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Doorway Annual Review 2015 – 2016

The front page of this year’s Annual Review shows a word cloud created by members of the public who follow the Doorway Facebook page. They were asked to describe our work in one word… Click below to download the pdf … Continue reading

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New Poems by J

Why do dogs bark? Perhaps they know something we humans don’t.   Minnie Outside the supermarket shoppers getting into their stride and I’m left with their legs outside and a whirl of trolley wheels.   Looking for a bargain? Look at … Continue reading

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