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Doorway Writing Group April 2017

Writing group April 2017 Our April session had a nice little spring in its step. The writing group crossword continues to be a popular feature: a number of people had been asking about it last week and a total of … Continue reading

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Doorway Writing Group February 2017

Writing Group February 2017 We had another great writing group session this time. This month’s crossword worked well: guests on all tables contributed by answering clues; R and friend were still, in fact, beavering away to complete it as I … Continue reading

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Doorway writing group December 2016

Writing group December 2016 We had another great session. We discussed poems: the importance of rhyme and meter as a driving force; the pros and cons of a freer form of poetry. We talked about short stories, stories in instalments, … Continue reading

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A Poem by a Stranger

  Doorway Don’t remember me as you last saw me. I was feeling down, rough; useful life past and the present cold, hard, edgy. You see   you gave me food, clean clothes, the will to last another dark, deep … Continue reading

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Adieu, adieu, adieu.

To you, and you and you. When I started writing this, my last official Doorway Writing Group blog, I was in the throes of moving and was surrounded by removal boxes and piles of bed linen and blankets. And I … Continue reading

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Doorway Annual Review 2015 – 2016

The front page of this year’s Annual Review shows a word cloud created by members of the public who follow the Doorway Facebook page. They were asked to describe our work in one word… Click below to download the pdf … Continue reading

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New Poems by J

Why do dogs bark? Perhaps they know something we humans don’t.   Minnie Outside the supermarket shoppers getting into their stride and I’m left with their legs outside and a whirl of trolley wheels.   Looking for a bargain? Look at … Continue reading

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